William Gannaway Brownlow, V: 4.14.1979 - 12.10.2006

Eagle Scout. Page in the U.S. House of Representatives. Alumnus of the McCallie School. and Georgetown University. Crew member. Photo Editor of the Hoya. Stage Manager for Mask and Bauble. Photographer with work seen in USA Today. Owner and Operator of WGBV.com, an internet consulting company. Member of Men's Cotillion. Beloved husband, son, brother and friend. Possessor of a ready smile, a quick wit and an engaging personality. A true joy to all who knew him.

The Original

For a decade, WGBV.com has not only been a thriving internet consultancy, but a vibrant social hub where all of William's friends would gather to guffaw over their shared hijinks. Thanks to a special effort by the R Street Collective, the 'classic' WGBV.com known to hundreds of Will's friends will continue to live on in its pristene form.

Classic WGBV.com
The Classic WGBV.com Photo Archive

The Rogues' Gallery

William was synonomous with his web site, meticuliously recording his social life - and the lives of his friends - in photos and promptly posting them at WGBV.com. Surely, this tradition must continue. Thanks to the efforts of the R Street Collective, a new WGBV gallery has been built. Powered by the submissions of William's friends and family, it is our hope that WGBV.com will continue to hold a special place in the lives of William's friends and family.

The New WGBV.com Photo Gallery - RStreet.WGBV.com

For William

"Cry Aloud and Spare Not"
"Independent in All Things, Neutral in Nothing"
— WGB, often quoted by WGBV

The WGBV Collective is a loose confederation of web sites created and monitored by William's family and friends. All the members of the WGBV Collective hope to bring William's joy, enthusiasm and good nature to all the things they attempt in life.

Digital Graffiti at JimDiLiberto.com